FX Releases a New Promo for Our Next Noah Hawley Obsession: Legion


Dammit! Despite the film series starring some of my favorite actors, I’ve never, ever been able to get into the whole X-Men thing, and never expected to. Only here comes Fargo writer Noah Hawley with the next intriguing Marvel installment, flipping my brain on its … capillaries? As if we need more television to watch. From the man bringing us DOUBLE EWAN (McGregor) next spring comes the story of mutant (and diagnosed schizophrenic) David Haller, aka Legion, son of Charles Xavier — which Hawley said will be acknowledged — played by Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens. What’s that you say? This guy?


Yeah, but no worries; in Hawley we trust. Legion also brings in Fargo badass Floyd Gerhardt, aka Jean Smart; her granddaughter Simone, aka Rachel Keller (as Syd Barrett, aka Pink Floyd’s once and former lead singer); Aubrey Plaza; Katie Aselton; Jeremie Harris; Bill Irwin; and Amber Midthunder … oh, and, just announced at NYCC, JEMAINE CLEMENT (who was apparently only on HBO’s Divorce for a nanosecond). We don’t know whom he’ll be playing yet, but Clement is confirmed for multiple episodes.


Hawley calls the show “trippy” with a “60s cool Britannia design aesthetic” that “should feel like Dark Side of the Moon” (theme song suggestion). “I wanted it to feel like a 1964 Terence Stamp movie.” (Yes, please!)

Here’s the quick tease that’ll only leave you wanting more:

… and a poster seen at NYCC:


If you weren’t obsessed after the trailer, well, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?


Legion arrives on FX in 2017.



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