Colin Farrell Explaining the Horrors of Donald Trump’s Abusive Rhetoric is the Only Humor in an Ugly Situation


Like most parents around the world, Colin Farrell has been dealing with the terrible task of trying to explain Donald Trump to a kid. His seven-year-old son Henry has been quite interested in our presidential election — until recently — a boy is curious why everyone’s being so mean to each other (excellent question, Henry). After a bit of random banter with Ellen (read: hit the 4:20 mark), Farrell discusses how difficult it’s been to help Henry understand continually Trump’s abusive comments directed at, well, I’ll let him tell you. “Now he can’t stand Trump because I’ve had to explain to him why Trump keeps on being mean to …”

Ellen’s reaction is priceless.


And this is pretty much the only way we can find humor in a terribly ugly situation.




Cindy Davis

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