Meet Stranger Things‘ Newest Adorable Kid and Her Bratty Brother, Too


A gingeriffic brother/sister pairing has been added to Netflix’s Stranger Things roster, and we already can’t wait for Max and Eleven to (hopefully) meet.

14-year-old Sadie Sink (The Americans, Blue Bloods, American Odyssey) joins as Max, a confident tomboy who’s generally suspicious of everyone; she’s said to have a “complicated history.”


Playing her “edgy,” overconfident older brother Billy is 21-year-old, Aussie/Canadian Zac Efron lookalike Dacre Montgomery (Safe Neighborhood, Power Rangers [2017]). Billy likes to play drinking games and “steal girlfriends,” and has a hidden violent side (ugh).


Can’t we skip the creepy guys and be happy in Hamsterland?


Meanwhile, actors Noah Schnapp and Joe Kerry — who played Season 1’s Will Byers And Steve Harrington, respectively — have been promoted to series regulars.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix for Round 2 in 2017.

Cindy Davis

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