No Worries; Donald and Billy Were Just Boys Talking, Like a Couple of Teenagers Do


My husband is real. He’s raw. He tells it as it is. He’s kind, he’s a gentleman, he supports everybody. He supports women. He, he encourage them … he encourages them to go to the highest level, to achieve the dreams, to, he employs many, many women.

As you can see from the tape, the camera was not on, it was only a mic. And I wonder, um, if they even knew that the mic was on. Because, they were kind of a … boy talk, and uh, he was kind of like, lead on, like egg on, from uh, the host to say dirty and bad stuff … The boys like they talk when they wanna grow up, and sometimes show each other, oh this and that, and talking about the girls [smiles] and .. but uh, yeah, I was surprised, of course.

Ladies and friendspeople, our prospective next first lady would like to reassure everyone that we really shouldn’t be concerned about her husband — that tape with Donald Trump and Billy Bush speaking about women in a derogatory manner — that wasn’t the real Donald. In fact, it was really just “boy talk.” Really, Billy goaded Donald into saying those things, and, truly, they’re just a couple of teenagers. You know how some teen boys like to rape and treat girls like they’re not even human talk smack about girls; that’s just a phase young guys go through. My goodness, do you not know women come up to Donald all the time, and they want to … work for him? Melania has seen this herself. Women know how he is.



Also, the accusations from those women — the ones who’ve accused Donald of groping and assaulting them — they come from the opposition. “Did they ever check the background of those women? They don’t even have any facts.”

You’ll want to watch the entire interview, I’m certain. That either Melania or Anderson Cooper was able to keep a straight face when she calls Donald and Billy “two teenage boys” (Cooper: “He was 59”) is incredible.

Even Melania has been forced to defend herself against the left-wing media conspiracy.

… as you may have heard, I am in the courts doing lawsuits, because they accuse me of doing stuff that I never did in my life.

This whole interview must be a SNL comedy routine, right? RIGHT?


So, please, indulge me a quick serious aside. Melania Trump is not, by a long shot, the only person who seems to feel teenage male misbehavior includes things like the disparagement of women, sexual assault, and rape. This quick acceptance of aberrant behavior in young men is not and can no longer be accepted as somehow a normal part of growing up; boys being boys. This is a dangerous falsehood that’s permeated our society for far too long, and teaching our children to be respectful of others at all stages of their lives is paramount.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over ten years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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