Supergirl Review: Kara Faces a Strange New World

Supergirl, Season 2, Episode 2: “The Last Children of Krypton”

The beauty of this new Golden Age of television is that you can go from an intense and nuanced series like Westworld one night to a fun and fluffy series like Supergirl the next and find both enjoyable.

This week’s Supergirl isn’t going to haunt the rest of your week the way Westworld does, but that’s not what the adventures of Kara and the gang are all about. Instead, the episode put a nice button on the first (and definitely not last) visit from Supergirl’s cousin, Superman, while setting up a new work and personal dynamic for Kara going forward.

Clark and Kara’s relationship has been symbiotic (or co-dependent, if you are cynical) through these first two hours. Kara can offer Clark her memories of growing up on Krypton and Clark helps Kara adjust to being a superpowered alien on Earth.

Of course, their bonding sessions happen while they put out fires and thwart bank robberies and stuff. Both Alex and Hank are a little jealous of this new man in Kara’s life. The personal stuff is set aside once Metallo and his Kryptonite laser heart is unleashed on National City and everyone – including Winn – gets to work on stopping him.

It turns out that Cadmus (which is trying to fill that HYDRA-sized hole in our hearts with its fake science and by corrupting DEO agents into stealing Kryptonite) made two Metallo cyborgs and unleashed one on Metropolis while Superman was out of town at his family reunion.

Even with anti-radiation chest goggles built by Winn (computer guy AND an engineer – dude was way overqualified for his IT job at CatCo.), the super cousins can’t beat their Metallo alone or be in two places at once. Differences and jealousies are set aside to allow Kara and exo-suited Alex to team up and Superman and Martian Manhunter to do the same to win the day.


When not in the cape, Kara deals with upheaval in her own life. Kara’s new boss, Snapper Carr, is resistant to hiring a reporter with no training or experience. Kara’s mentor Cat, announces she is leaving CatCo because she doesn’t want to film in Canada wants to see new challenges.

Kara’s first reaction is to just ditch it all and go into the superhero business with Clark in Metropolis, but Alex reminds Kara that it was Superman who placed her with the Danvers family and then barely kept in touch for a decade or so. Of course, Cat gives Kara one more verbal kick in the ass to get her to stand up for herself, which, in the end, Kara does.

With Kara more comfortable as a hero, seeing her grow as a person is going to be crucial for the show going forward. Dealing with an irascible boss, and her wannabe boyfriend now running the company, the groundwork for that is there at least.

This arc with Superman actually did more good than harm to Supergirl. It adds a new layer to the family dynamic of the show and has helped to set up what should be a season-long foe in Cadmus. The challenge the show now faces is walking on its own, without the crutches of Clark and Cat.

Craig Wack

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