You’re Going to Want Every One of These Gorgeous Star Wars Propaganda Posters


Walking around the Javits Center and seeing all the exhibitors’ amazing art was, for me, one of the highlights of NYCC this year, especially all the Star Wars-related posters. My kids are absolute Star Wars fanatics, so we brought back of few of Rocketpop Inc.’s groovy travel posters. Today, I’ve just gotten a look at Pablo Hidalgo’s Star Wars propaganda art prints, some of which are available in Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy and, HOLY JEDI, do I want them all.


swpjedi swphelm



You probably will, too. The book contains 10 pull-out prints, so get your buns out to your favorite purveyor (October 25th) and snap this baby up. I do hope there’s one involving Rey.

Photos via/see more posters at THR.

Cindy Davis

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