Chris Pine Is Trump Personified in Joss Whedon’s New Save the Day Voting PSA


Ostensibly, Joss Whedon’s latest voting PSA is about voting out members of congress who refuse to do their jobs, but do seem to enjoy being paid to not do their jobs. That said, it could easily apply to one of the 2016 presidential candidates — *coughTrumpcough* who I imagine acts exactly like Leonard, most excellently played by Chris Pine. See for yourself.

I mean, Whedon could have filmed this on The Apprentice set, am I right?

bossThank goodness, we don’t have to accept that kind of bullshit.



Of course, vote out those poopheads that have dragged their heels nearly all of President Obama’s terms, but let’s also make sure our country NEVER ends up with a boss like Trump.

via Save the Day.

Vote (if you haven’t already) November 8th.

Cindy Davis

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