Male Birth Control Has Been Put on Hold Because Dudes Can’t Handle the Mood Swings Women Have Dealt with Forever


We’re not saying you’re wimps, but  …

Well, don’t you think it’s about time you start carrying a little more of the birth control load?


Yeah, yeah, we know how it is. Condoms suck and all that, but guess what? They (you know who, those guys) have been working on an injectable …


… yeah, sorry, there’s a needle. It’s not that bad. As I was saying, they’ve been developing injectable BIRTH CONTROL FOR MEN


and it’s already proven effective! Isn’t that exciting?!

tensure With the right mix of hormones (testosterone, synthetic progestin) shots, a dude’s body slows down its own production (of testosterone and sperm), thereby safely, temporarily and significantly (96% effective) lowering fertility ability. Simple, right?

tenmkayAs with most new medical treatments studies were conducted, and though some of the expected side effects — pain at the injection site, increased acne and libido — were reported, you might think we were all on our way to birth control equality, BUT …


… it turns out the study had to be halted early. Why, you might be wondering? Well, I do hesitate to make the guys feel badly about themselves, but the truth has to be told. You see, according to the doctors conducting the study, dudes were dropping out like flies because they couldn’t handle the mood swings and depression caused by the hormones.


And so, according to NYU Langone Medical Center urologist, Dr. Seth Cohen, male birth control will still be a long time coming. His opinion?

If anything, this may wake us up to finding out better hormonal contraceptives for women, right?”


roseeyerollGee, thanks, buddy.

Reason number 999,999 to put a woman in charge of the country. We just HANDLE IT.



Cindy Davis

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