Supergirl Review: Plot? We Don’t Need No Stinking Plot


Supergirl Season 2, Episode 5 “Crossfire”

This week on Supergirl, plot advancement takes a back seat to character development but we don’t really mind, because we like these characters and it’s all done in that relentlessly cheerful way that is the show’s signature.

The plot, as thin as it was, centered around a group of goons supplied with alien guns by Cadmus running around National City performing robberies in an attempt to sour public opinion about aliens. It comes to a head at Lena Luthor’s charity party where Lena and Winn actually save the day with a gadget of their own. Oh, and Lena’s mom is the xenophobic leader of Cadmus.

In between all that, just about every major character except Hank, who got a lot of spotlight last week, had their own Personal Pan Character Development Scenes worthy of bullet points:


  • Kara tried to turn Mon-El into Earthling “Mike” complete with goofy montage over a bed of sunny music. Mike is worse at adulting than Kara ever was, and is a Human Resources nightmare the moment he sets foot inside CatCo. We get to see exasperated Kara, as Mon-El refuses to do paperwork and shags Miss Tessmacher in the supply closet. After a pep talk from Alex, Kara realizes a valuable lesson about square pegs and round holes and decides to let Mon-El discover his own path in this new world; she will support him rather than steer him.


  • Alex continued her voyage of self-discovery and almost came out to Maggie, who’d been off her game after her girlfriend dumped her. Alex was somewhere between genuinely concerned, and flirty with Maggie, who picked up on the vibe and at first, forced Alex to have an awkward “I’m not gay” moment. After that aforementioned talk with Kara, Alex opens up to Maggie that she’s been successful at everything in life except dating. Alex came to believe that intimacy just wasn’t for her until recently realizing that maybe it was the people she was trying to be intimate with that was the issue, thus opening the door for Maggie.
  • Jimmy returns after a few episodes on the set that the show doesn’t film very much anymore. Running a multinational media empire isn’t enough excitement for him, and he’s got a serious case of DEO envy with Winn, who has found his calling cracking wise in a cave with secret agents. After getting caught up in one of the heists, Jimmy decides to start Laurel Lancing it and begins his side gig in vigilantism. Getting the crap kicked out of him and nearly having a building dropped on him isn’t enough to quench Jimmy’s desire to stay relevant to the new direction of the show. He pretty much guilts Winn into making some super tech to complete his superhero transformation.

This was one of the least substantial episodes Supergirl has had in a while, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun episode to watch. Every show needs a chance to hit pause, and reset the pieces every once in a while. By focusing on the characters that audience likes and giving them new depth or new direction, the episode’s own aimlessness is happily overlooked.

Craig Wack

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