Jennifer Lawrence Wants Trump’s Election to Enrage You, Some of Us Already Had a Head Start; Plus, Moob Sweat


Like many of my fellow distraught Americans, my first thought after waking to the 2016 presidential election results was …


… er, I mean:  “What can I do? What can I do to help people who are worried about their rights and equality in this country? What are the things that most worry me about a Trump presidency? How can I get involved? How can I help protect people of color”? Since I have two daughters whose future health and safety are also paramount, how can I help ensure they retain the right to make choices about their own bodies? Will they ever live in a world where all genders are equally paid? First steps are easy. Set an example for them, and make sure they know their worth. Stand up to anyone who speaks or acts in a racist or sexist manner, something I already do but admittedly, there have been instances where I’ve walked out of a room with family members, rather than confront them. No more. I’m not standing by one more time. While I’ve written many times about my attraction to women, I’ve never made a public declaration. So, in case you hadn’t already realized:  Hey, I’m married to a man and I’m bisexual. I have gay and bisexual people in my family and my life, and their safety and protection is utmost in my mind. I will donate and get involved with organizations that help women and the LGBTQ community. All around me, I see people being spurred into action, and if nothing else, this is a great good that can come from something … not so good. Let’s channel our anger to accomplish good.

Likewise, Jennifer Lawrence is speaking out, urging people to set their feelings of sadness and rage free in ways that benefit each other, rather than let it tear us down. In her heartfelt essay on Broadly, JLaw writes succinctly about Hillary Clinton’s — all our — loss:

We’re all allowed to be sad that the present isn’t what we thought it was. But we mustn’t be defeated. We will keep educating ourselves and working twice as hard as the man next to us because we know now that it is not fair. It is not fair in the workplace, so you make it impossible to fail. And like Hillary, it might not work.

But like Hillary, you can still be an inspiration and get important things done. Do not let this defeat you—let this enrage you! Let it motivate you! Let this be the fire you didn’t have before. If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman—don’t be afraid, be loud!”

Do read the entire piece, and then have a little chuckle at her Cher impression on Ellen, and talking “moob sweat” with her Passengers costar  — “The Male Jennifer Lawrence” — Chris Pratt.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over ten years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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