Spy a New Clue in the Rogue One International Trailer


Around my house we are so excited for Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story that the questions have been flying around on a near weekly basis. For my daughter, she’s thrilled that there’s another Star Wars entry with its heroine leading the way; my son is super-psyched to see Darth Vader again. Personally, I’m quite interested to see Edwards’ promised darker side of the galaxy, what new discoveries about an expertly-known universe the director has mined. Speaking of, in the new international trailer, there’s a very intriguing shot of a young Jyn receiving a gift from her mother, so pay attention at the 24 second mark.

Is that a …



Kyber crystal? And if so, does Jyn (Felicity Jones) know its power? One of Rogue One‘s settings, Jedha — Wookieepedia notes is a spiritual place where the Jedi made lightsabers; Donnie Yen has also spoken of that connection.

The implication is that we may get to see Jyn create her own lightsaber; I wonder what color it will be.



That doesn’t look like a lightsaber she’s carrying here, though.



See you at the theater December 16th!


Cindy Davis

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