Carrie Fisher Confirms Harrison Ford Totally Lei-ad Her During Star Wars Filming


Deep breaths, you guys, everything’s totally under control.


I’m calm, I’m calm; I swear I’m calm. But, I did just hear Han seduced his much younger princess; that onscreen chemistry we saw was real. Their short fling didn’t last and by some reports, it may seem unclear whether she looks back on it fondly. Fisher did want Ford to fall in love with her, so I guess it wasn’t all bad … well, except possibly for Ford’s marriage, which later ended (reportedly unrelated).

According to excerpts from Fisher’s upcoming Star Wars tell all, The Princess Diarist, the actress went through some of her old journals about their affair, and a few tidbits are being shared ahead of its release. Though he was married at the time, Fisher says 34 year old Ford pursued her. Depending upon which blurbs you read, those memories run the gamut from creepy to sweet.

After a particular “wine-sodden” night celebrating George Lucas’ birthday, Ford offered to drive the 19 year old actress home; the pair slept together and began an intense affair. Fisher claims Ford called her a “bad kisser”.


No worries; Fisher allegedly said their first time together didn’t exactly send her to the stars, either.


Maybe that creepy source didn’t read what they thought they did because today, Fisher made a clarification about what she would and wouldn’t disclose.

Fisher does admit she was over the moon for Ford’s “handsome” face. “It was so intense. It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend…I was so inexperienced, but I trusted something about him. He was kind”.

Fisher certainly sounds like a lovestruck young person, but certainly not under Ford’s control.

Apparently the pair smoked a lot of “brutally” strong weed together, because Fisher couldn’t remember many details abut their three month fling. Aside from “relentlessly” trying to make him fall in love with her, a girl dreamed they’d one day marry and her ring would be inscribed with their appropriately buzzworthy celebrity couple nickname:  “Carrison”. Instead, filming ended, Ford and Fisher broke up and everyone lived … in a galaxy far far away?

I choose to believe in strong Princesses, and that non-fairy tales end the way they’re meant to. Fisher has proven time and again she’s a strong, independent woman whose words need no interpretation from others, so I’ll wait for that context from her own pen. Meanwhile, let’s talk about how long Kylo Ren should be grounded for that thing he did.


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