Weird Science: Is Anthony Michael Hall Playing an Android in Robert Downey Jr.’s Singularity?


Since it seems just about every 80s band is having a resurgence (or at least touring again), the time is right to reunite a couple of Brat Packers. And, what if while we’re experiencing a blast from the past, Gary (Hall) and Ian (Downey) also came together for a very relevant project, one involving something very near and dear to our cold, dead Oohlo Labs hearts? Robots, AI, humanoids; I’m talking to you.


In a deal with Sonar Entertainment (Taboo), Robert Downey Jr. and his wife and business partner, Susan announced they’ll produce a series called Singularity; Anthony Michael Hall is set to star and Downey will direct the pilot. At the moment that’s all the information we have, folks, but you know how I love a mystery, so … listen up.


Singularity:  A hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change. [Oxford]

Speaking of AI, it just so happens that Evan Rachel Wood studied Ray Kurzweil’s  The Singularity Is Near  in preparation for playing Westworld‘s Dolores (and you know what that means).


“Singularity” is also the name of a Star Trek episode and a book, both involving black holes, but I doubt Hall is actor enough to portray one. However, since Singularity can also refer to a time divergence, the series could involve multiple timelines or parallel universes, which only leads us right back to Westworld. Ergo, Anthony Michael Hall must be playing an android.

Either that, or he’s some kind of math whiz.


Goddammit Downey, tell us what the show is!




Cindy Davis

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