Darkness Falls: Daniel Brühl and Luke Evans Pair Up to Track a Nasty Serial Killer


I’m not sure what it is about a serial killer story that’s so damned fascinating, but let’s face it, we can’t resist. Books, movies, television shows, they all draw in huge audiences; there has to be some dark psychology behind the appeal. Whatever the internal ugliness that draw us in, we do seem to prefer looking back at such stories more than in the context of current events. It’s safer peeking from a distance than facing monsters living among us. One such tale is about to hit the small screen in an adaptation of Caleb Carr’s The Alienist, first in a series of historical crime novels. The hugely popular novel set in 1890s New York City sets a pair of former Harvard peers on the case of a horrific killer who targets immigrant children (*shudder*).

Can you even imagine these two working the period streets of NYC together?



Continuing the trend of luring well-known film actors to television series, TNT has scored big with a multimillion dollar deal (per episode) that’s landed Daniel Brühl as psychiatrist, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, and Luke Evans as investigative crime reporter, John Moore. Brought in by police commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt (as yet, uncast), Moore and Kreizler are joined by Roosevelt’s secretary, who has aspirations of becoming the city’s first female detective (suggestion:  Sarah Snook). Though True Detective‘s Cary Fukunaga was originally on board to direct the series, because of scheduling issues he’s now an executive producer; instead, Jakob Verbruggen (House of Cards, Black Mirror, The Fall Series 1, London Spy) will take the helm for the entire run. The Alienist also nabbed a stellar writing team: John Sayles, Hossein Amini and Eric Roth, and Caleb Carr will be a consulting producer.

Filming is set to begin in Budapest, early 2017, and the series will premiere later in the year.


Cindy Davis

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