Looks Like We’ll Have to Cough Up for Hulu: Elisabeth Moss, Max Minghella, and Joseph Fiennes Will Star in The Handmaid’s Tale Series


***Updated with the first series photos.


Holy wow. While you and I have been spending time working out how to cut the cable cord, often finding ourselves sucked into temporarily signing on for this or that app so we can watch Outcast (DO IT) or Outlander (DO THAT, TOO), the alternate streaming services have quietly been ganging up on us. Amazon, Netflix, Crackle (yes, Crackle) and Hulu are among the sneaksters cleverly luring us in with incredible shows or stars and, this time, Hulu’s got both. I don’t think I can resist. They’re making a 10-part series of Margaret Atwood’s futuristic horror (IMO) story, The Handmaid’s Tale, starring Elisabeth Moss as Offred, Max Minghella as Nick, and, just added, Michael Jackson would-be (*can’t even talk about that) Joseph Fiennes. Stick that in your Roku/Apple TV/Amazon Fire and smoke it.

One of the most affecting, apocalyptic stories of all time, Atwood’s imagined future society is of a theocratic world where women exist only in the sense of their usefulness: to singularly serve as men’s wives, child-bearers, or housekeepers, with no real rights of their own. Offred (Moss) serves as handmaid (aka a child-bearing servant) to a high-ranking commander — in this case, Joseph Fiennes’ Fred Waterford — and founding father of the Republic of Gilead, the once and former United States of America. Minghella’s Nick is a potential ally to Offred, a servant himself (driver for Waterford’s wife), and a connection to an underground resistance group.

If you’re a reader, you already know this is a must-see; if not, do rectify your status quickly (it’s a captivating page-turner and super quick read). Even if you’ve not read it, this top-notch cast must have your interest piqued. In addition to Moss, Fiennes, and Minghella, OItNB‘s Samira Wiley co-stars as Offred’s friend and fellow handmaid, Moira, and The Leftovers‘ (and Quarry‘s) Ann Dowd plays a presumably terrifying Aunt Lydia. Bruce Miller (Eureka, The 100, Men in Trees, Everwood) is the series’ writer and executive producer; Atwood will consult; Reed Morano (Lemonade, Vinyl, Looking, Divorce) will direct several episodes.

All in?

The Handmaid’s Tale will air on Hulu in 2017.

*side note: Can’t Samira Wiley play MJ?

Here are the first photos (header included) released December 2nd; they look perfect.




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