Rogue One and The Force Awakens‘ Andrée Wallin Directs Intriguing Short, State Zero


Do you have your Rogue One tickets yet? If you’re not already salivating over the next Star Wars entry, the first of three planned Anthology films, I can only assume you’re stuck under a rock and not even reading this. Of all the things we love about Lucasworld (sorry, Disney) movies, their visuals and artwork are as important as the actors and adventure; they are the force that immerses us in magnificent, previously unimagined worlds. As such, it’s nice to hear of this Star Wars artist expanding his repertoire and who knows, maybe Andrée Wallin will be the next Garth Edwards?




(photos via Andrée Wallin)

Amazingly talented concept artist (The Force Awakens, Rogue One) and production designer, Wallin has directed his first short — to be continued (hopefully into a feature?) — called State Zero, which brings to mind Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 and a recent Black Mirror episode, Jakob Verbruggen’s profoundly disturbing, “Free Fire”. Starring Charles Babalola, Luke Rampersad and Megan Shandley, this cool science fiction short set in futuristic Sweden leaves us wanting more.

Hopefully, State Zero will get the feature treatment; for now, we’ll settle for another installment, please?

(via DUST)

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