The Biggest 2017 Golden Globes Television Snubs: How Do You Nominate This Actor, but Not That Actor?

The 2017 Golden Globes nominations were announced this morning and there’s plenty to be happy about. Moonlight one of the year’s best films got several nods, as did Oohlo favorites, Westworld and Stranger Things. As always, there are head-scratchers — omissions and inclusions — that’s pretty much standard award fare. But among the actors or series that weren’t overlooked, how do you nominate one phenomenal actor and not the other, and how did one huge performance get bumped for a completely lackluster nominee? There are some completely inexplicable Golden Globe omission this year, and it’s not like there wasn’t room for them. Here are a few of the oddest snubs.

Most Glaring Mis-nomination:  Divorce’s Sarah Jessica Parker instead of Fleabag‘s Phoebe Waller-Bridge

How do you skate past the powerhouse comedic performance of the year (not to mention, Waller-Bridge conceived and wrote her series) to nominate a pretty average one in a lackluster, miscast show? Not only should Fleabag‘s phenomenally talented star be nominated, her brilliant show should be, as well.

Glaringly and Inexplicably Ignored Double Performance:  Outlander‘s Tobias Menzies

We’re thrilled, of course, Caitriona Balfe’s excellence is again being recognized; her second season as Outlander‘s Claire Fraser was even better than the first. It’s impossible to comprehend Menzies not following suit, especially with his incomparable feat of playing two nearly opposite characters, one we utterly despise and the other, Menzies somehow manages to makes us feel compassion for. There is hardly a finer actor on television …

… Unless It’s The Other Best of, Skipped Over 2016 Actor:  Westworld‘s Jeffrey Wright

How in the world did the Globes get Thandie Newton right, then skip over her series stealing partner? Newton’s glorious turn as Maeve Millay was bookended by Jeffrey Wright’s nuanced, incredibly moving performance as Bernard Lowe. Even alongside the legendary Anthony Hopkins (also, mysteriously overlooked) and Ed Harris, Wright’s brilliance stood out. It’s beyond a snub that he’s not nominated, it’s a damned crime against humanity.

Winter Finally Came and So Should This Actor’s Transformation Nomination:  Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington

After six very long and Snowy seasons, Kit Harington grew into the fine actor he was meant to be. We’ve watched his transformation over the years, Jon’s resurrection and his pain in dealing with the after effects brought Harington to life. Of all the lead actors, it was his sixth season performance that demanded recognition alongside Lena Headey’s.


Cindy Davis

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