Google Reveals 2016’s Most Searched Movies and Television Shows; Let’s Not Talk About “Top Person”

It’s that magical time of the year when we’re faced with fifty-kazillion lists of the best, worst and craziest, which — let’s face it — even the thought of 2016 makes us all want to run screaming or hide among the soft dust bunnies. There was good though, even in our searching habits, as evidenced by Google’s (presumably porn-free) global aggregate. Depending on your level of tolerance, you may wish to avoid actually watching the video; just in case, here’s the good stuff:

Most Searched Series:

5.  Black Mirror

4.  Game of Thrones


3.  Luke Cage

2.  Westworld

  1.  Stranger Things

Most Searched Movies:

5.  Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice (aka Forget Everything But Wonder Woman)

4.  Captain America:  Civil War

3.  The Revenant (aka We’re in It for the Hardy)

2.  Suicide Squad

1.  Deadpool

Wait, no Rogue One? For shame, people …

Now, the sad parts; for those we lost, we searched Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, Christina Grimmie,

2.  David Bowie

1.  Prince (also the number 2 overall search in the United States)

And, that’s about as depressing as I care to get, today; if you’d like to peruse a little more, check out the full Google Trending site, which includes the Global and United States Top Searched Person (yeah, it’s him).

If you’re really in the mood to bum out, have at it:


Cindy Davis

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