Naked Tom Hardy Is One Thing to Look Forward to in 2017: Taboo Trailer 2

Okay, I’m kinda ashamed, but also, not really. Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor whose body probably shouldn’t be overtly objectified and though he’s proven himself a phenomenally clothed thespian, I’m unduly excited over the revealing Taboo footage and teasers we’ve seen. The background story is quite intriguing — a man seeks vengeance after his father’s murder, and goes up against the controversial East India Company — and the cast and crew are excellent:  Hardy, Oona Chaplin, Jonathan Pryce, Michael Kelly, Richard Dixon, David Hayman, Leo Bill; Ridley Scott (producer), Steven Knight (showrunner, writer), Tom and Chips Hardy (creators, writers), Kristoffer Nyholm, Anders Engstrom (directors). And yet, my attention is unduly focused on Hardy’s state (or lack thereof) of dress.

Anyway, here’s the newest Taboo trailer, which delves a little more into the story …

… go ahead, just try to tell me you weren’t waiting for this moment the entire time:

He gives good cape too, though.

Taboo premieres on FX January 10th (U.S.), January 7th (UK).

Cindy Davis

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