From Out of the Awful: Oohlo’s Bright Spots 2016, Epilogue

We’re three days into 2017 and life is … going on. Betty White is still alive, so we’re cautiously optimistic.

Looking back at the bright spots of 2016 (Part 1 and Part 2) reminds us that, even if 2017 isn’t a utopian dreamscape, we can still look forward to some amazing things in the year ahead of us.

And that’s why Oohlo is beloved: it’s a fun place to immerse ourselves in our favorite TV and movies. Is that escapism? Sure, it is. 2016 was a garbage year for many people and there were times that we just wanted to forget about the real world and lose ourselves in the magical world of make-believe. But that magical world often deals with real-world themes, and it gives us a safe place to process what we think about the world around us and can often give us a fresh perspective on the things we’ve seen over and over again on the news. So while entertainment largely deals with fictional stories, it can affect us in very real ways.

Oohlo is key to helping many people to dig deeper into their favorite shows. Many of us have little time to do more than watch and enjoy. But the writers rewatch and notice details and follow rabbit-holes and construct yarn walls so that we don’t have to. It gives us a deeper appreciation of our favorite shows and also provides opportunities to discuss the significance of these themes, both in the shows and in real life. Without Oohlo, many of us would lose out on the benefits of deeper discussion and analysis.

And a few Oohlo fans wanted to express their thanks for all that writers do (watch to the end):

Oohlo was a huge bright spot for many in 2016. It reminded us that, even though bad things happen, this world is still full of fun and hope and things worth fighting for. While I hope there won’t be as much of a need for those reminders in 2017, it’s good to know they’ll be there when we need them.

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