Just Start Throwing James McAvoy All the Awards for His Stunning Split Performances

I try (and often fail) to avoid hyperbole, but HOLY MOTHER OF GODS, I cannot control myself when it comes to the teasers for Split. James McAvoy is making it utterly impossible, and if he doesn’t get nominated for a boatload of awards by virtue of these teasers alone, I WILL EAT MY HAT FALL INTO CONVULSIONS.

There now, we’ve got that out of the way. If Filth was only an indication of what lurks beneath his lovely surface — and that certainly seems the case — we are in for the treat of our lives. Not a lot of horror films make it to the Academy roster, but I have a feeling this could be the next breakthrough. And yes, it’s Shyamalan, but we can float right past that, can’t we? Just watch a few of his 23 personalities in action:

If that’s not enough to convince voters he’s worthy of all the awards, well …

Split also stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Hayley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula, Betty Buckley and Sterling K. Brown. Catch it January 20th.


Cindy Davis

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