Holy Scheiße, Tyrion Lannister Wants to Take on Captain America!

In the best news I’ve heard since … I can’t think of any good news lately, so, FOREVER (wait, since Fargo nabbed Ewan McGregor!), THR and Variety report that Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion mothereffin’ Lannister is in talks to join Avengers:  Infinity War.

Not so fast there, Loki; I hear your stock is on the way down ever since that whole Hiddleswift debacle (and your Golden Globes speech didn’t much help things).  Anyway, word on the street is that our favorite, soon to be free from his HBO chains,  know-it-all and deliverer of great lines is up for a “key” albeit unknown role in the Russo Brothers helmed two-part Avengerstravaganza, and I can’t think of a better addition (they already got Kurt Russell) to the MCU.

I’ll defer to the comic experts to begin speculation on what role Dinklage might be playing; Infinity War is already stuffed to the gills with heroes — Cap, Black Widow, Gamora, Doctor Strange, Spidey, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Groot, Thor, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hulk, Hawkeye, Drax, Bucky — making it most likely he’ playing an antihero. Honestly, I don’t give a flip; I’m just so happy to hear this incredible, charismatic actor will be joining the crew.

NO ONE delivers a line like Peter Dinklage. Now please, join me in celebration. We drink and we know things. We dance. And then we drink some more.

Meanwhile …



Cindy Davis

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