Ewan McGregor Shaved His Beautiful Hair for Fargo: Season 3 Details from FX’s TCA Panel

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Ewan McGregor scored his dual role in Fargo Season 3 after he met an FX executive skiing while in Utah and was told they were looking for someone to play two brothers. Until that point, McGregor hadn’t seen the show, but he binged both seasons and “was pretty obsessed by it”.

I must say, it’s nice to see a dude go all in for a role, what with all the actresses who *have* to go blonde(r) or change the way they looks for so many roles. Still, poor Ewan McGregor’s pretty, pretty hairs are all gone; to play two very different looking brothers, he’ll wear wigs …  and he’ll also have to drop that gorgeous Scottish accent for a much more difficult one. Speaking at today’s Fargo panel, alongside co-stars Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Michael Stuhlbar and David Thewlis, and executive producer Warren Littlefield (sitting in for an unwell Noah Hawley), Ewan said the Minnesotan he’s trying to master is “a very difficult and strange accent to lock into”.

I don’t know if it’s harder as a non-American. It’s the hardest accent I’ve ever done, and I’ve done Dutch once!”

Littlefield was amazed when McGregor showed up to Calgary a day earlier than he had to, especially since it was frigid and shooting outdoors. The actor didn’t want to miss a thing, but also noted the dialect coach was out there. “I needed him …”

At the Television Critics Association panel, some lucky folks got to see the first footage of Ewan as both “strikingly different looking” brothers; initial descriptions call Ray Stussy pot-bellied and balding, whereas Emmit Stussy is described as “handsome”. (Nerdist says those are not the names.)

Other notable Season 3 information revealed:

The third season is set in 2010, “current but just long enough ago to seem slightly nostalgic”; technology will be a theme. “Noah Hawley is enjoying that technology, in many ways, is supposed to unite, and in fact, perhaps that’s not what happens at all”. [Littlefield]  The EP also noted the smaller cast this year will allow the characters to be deeper explored, a greater intimacy.

Carrie Coon’s Sheriff Gloria Burgle is comparable to Fargo‘s (1996 film) Marge Gunderson, played by Frances McDormand. Coon said Burgle’s personal life isn’t as good, but “She really represents a small-town aesthetic that she feels has been eroded by forces outside of herself“.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Nikki Swango is a love interest for one of Ewan’s brothers. “Nikki definitely falls between the two — she definitely has a history and a past and a bit of a dark side to her. She’s incredibly smart in a street-savvy way, but I’m still figuring her out, to be honest. But, “[Nikki] definitely has the capacity to be conniving as a cat maybe would”.

David Thewlis’ V.M. Varga is a “very Machiavellian character …a very mysterious character from out of time who may be very ill-mannered He’s a guy from out of town who’s very possibly ill-mannered and lacking in virtue“. Thewlis added that he’s only shot one scene so far. “I’m going back to England for two weeks to forget about it all and work out how I’m going to do the rest of it”.

Sy Feltz, played by Michael Stuhlbarg, is a business partner very close to McGregor’s Emmit; “They’re almost more brotherly than his other brother. He finds himself in and out of their relationship in interesting ways“.

Asked about the Coens possibly directing an episode, Littlefield said, “We’d love it; it would be sensational. We have said, ‘Come on up, direct!’ I hasn’t happened so far, but how wonderful would that be”?

Fargo returns with its third outing to FX this April, date TBA.

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