Supergirl Review: Let’s Take It to the Judges with Kara’s Boy Problems

Supergirl, Season 2, Episode 10, “We Can Be Heroes”

Kara Danvers is having boy problems again y’all.

In its latest episode, Supergirl returned to a staple of its not-so-great early episodes, with Kara trying to juggle the men in her life as well as the pressures of being a superhero with a full-on nemesis. There’s a reason why the show went way from that line of storytelling, but it doesn’t hurt to have an occasional reminder, either

To understand why Kara wasn’t all smiles and lollipops this time around, let’s check out Kara’s Boy Problem Scorecard:

Problem 1: Mon-El

Mon-El wants to be a superhero so he can fight crime alongside Supergirl. Being from an alien planet, Mon-El has superpowers that grant him the ability to be a hero, but he doesn’t have the heart of a hero – much to Kara’s dismay. At this point in the game he is like a puppy who will look at you with the cutest expression, right as he pees six inches off the papers. Mon-El is getting pretty good in a fight, but has problems with situational awareness because he literally wants to fight side-by-side with Kara, rather than the whole performing the whole “protect the innocent” part of the job normally expected of trainee heroes. After the big battle with the Livewire clones and the evil professor in the safety goggles, the realization that Mon-El might be sweet on Kara hits her like a ton of bricks. She’s flummoxed by the situation because he’s a cute boy from the wrong side of the solar system who makes her feel funny in the swimsuit area, which is good, but he’s using superheroics as his way to get close to her, which is not so good.

Resolution: Awkward heart-to-heart talk that ends in an even more awkward high five.

Score: 4 out of 5 Hearts. They’ll stretch this romance out until at least the Valentine’s Day episode.


Problem 2: Jimmy

As Guardian, Jimmy wants to be a superhero so he can fight crime alongside Supergirl. Jimmy is all heart and desire to make a difference in this world. Although he does his crime fighting by the book, being from Earth, Jimmy has no natural superpowers – much to Kara’s dismay. Jimmy has been doing this for a while and both Alex and Winn know and/or have been helping him behind Kara’s back. It’s not until Jimmy is kayoed by an errant lightning bolt that Kara is let in on the secret. As we’ve discussed before, the show made Jimmy a vigilante in an effort to keep him relevant to the show as it turned away from the workplace setting and centered more on the DEO. This 180 degree turn, as well as a jerky attitude of late is really turning Jimmy into Supergirl‘s version of the hated Laurel Lance – a character the show has outgrown, but one the writers are desperately clinging to.

Resolution: After holding his own in the Livewire battle, Jimmy has impressed the DEO and earned the grudging respect of Supergirl. He will continue on as Guardian, but that doesn’t mean Kara has to like it.

Score: 2 out of 5 Hearts. Kara’s has moon eyes for Jimmy since the pilot, and the show will come back around to setting that ship back to sea again, whether it makes sense to do so or not.


Problem 3: Winn

Between his normal gig at the DEO and his night job as Team Guardian, Winn is burning the candle at both ends – much to Kara’s dismay. Kara becomes really upset when she discovers that he has been offering up his superhero seamstress services to other people, namely Jimmy. He’s also getting around to making a supersuit for Mon-El, which, the interim costume choices from Mon-El are a nice running gag.

Resolution: Winn’s job was to crack jokes and be another person for Kara to be mad at this episode, so mission … accomplished?!?

Score: Winn is Mayor of the Friend Zone and there’s no scoring when you are in the Friend Zone.


Problem 4: Martian Manhunter

J’ohnn isn’t so much of a problem as he was the Pusher of Plot and Giver of Alex Something to Do. However after spending much of the episode conducting a moral inventory over whether he should help the dying white Martian M’gann or not, he overlooks the genocide of her people to save her life, with Alex acting as his conscience.

Resolution: It’s a good thing he did help, because M’gann said she was psychically attacked by White Martians; they are on their way and they ain’t friendly.

Score: 5 out of 5 Plot Points. Somebody has to keep the show going while Kara sorts out her love life.

We’ve talked about the relative necessity of filler episodes in a network TV series and this one certainly fits the bill. Without Kara’s sunshine and rainbows wattage turned up to 100 percent, this show’s cracks begin to show, because sleep-deprived Winn and Alex and Maggie standing to the side acting like a lovey-dovey Stadler and Waldorf can only carry things so far. With Livewire on the loose and the men in her life driving her to distraction, Kara is not at her adorable best and as a whole, the episode suffers. Hopefully this is a temporary setback, because a moony, moody Kara is not why people tune in on Monday nights.

Craig Wack

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