Take a Break from the Serious with a Round of Hayley Atwell’s Wacky Impressions

And … she’s at it again. Though Oohlo world favorite Hayley Atwell hasn’t fully returned to social media, she is a frequent poster to Instagram. Today’s “Heads Up with Hayley” apparently means Hayley does her best silly impressions and makes herself laugh even more than the person trying to guess. I’m hoping that’s James D’Arcy in the car with her, since they seem to be such good friends.

Heads Up with Hayley. Hello all.

A video posted by Hayley Atwell (@wellhayley) on

Her Beaker is my absolute favorite.

Now Hayley, why don’t you do your best impression of the Doctor? You know, it looks like there’s an upcoming opportunity

(H/T Craig)

Cindy Davis

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