You Need Me: Fierce Women by His Side, Danny Rand’s Iron Fist Joins The Defenders‘ Ranks

Marvel and Netflix just released a new Iron Fist trailer, and I’ve got to be honest — I’m really glad Finn Jones has Rosario Dawson and Jessica Henwick by his side. Because of all The Defenders series previews, Iron Fist‘s is the least exciting.

That’s not to say I won’t jump right in when it hits streaming; rather, I’m just not getting the same exhilarating feeling as when we first spied Luke Cage or Daredevil in action. Have a look and then we’ll chat.

For Game of Thrones‘ viewers, there may always have been a bit of an imagination stretch to think of Finn Jones — perfectly suited to Loras Tyrell — as an ass-kicking martial arts expert; with the fight scenes here, it does look like he’ll be able to handle them just fine.

It’s more the line delivery that doesn’t have quite the punch we’re waiting for.

That said, the Netflix/Marvel teaming has yieled unexpectedly great results, so we’d be nuts not to feel some excitement, and I think Henwick’s Colleen Wing has the potential to be as great as Simone Missick’s Misty Knight (speaking of, wonder if there are any plans for that duo in the work).

Add in the consistently wonderful Rosario Dawson, whose Claire Temple has been woven through The Defenders‘ series, and Danny Rand just might do okay.

Iron Fist also stars David Wenham, Tom Pelphrey, Lewis Tan, Wai Ching Ho and Jessica Stroup; it streams on Netflix beginning March 17th.


Cindy Davis

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