Luke Evans in This Glorious Gaston Clip Is the Best Yet Beauty and the Beast Tease

If you’ve been on the fence about whether you’re going to fall for Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast, this new clip might just allay your reservations. Shoehorned into a longish GMA “interview” clip with Luke Evans is a quick look at his pitch perfect take on Gaston. It’s also the first time we’ve had a peek at what looks like great fun had between Evans and Josh Gad’s Le Fou. Would that there were more, but for now this makes my heart sing out with true excitement.

Evans noted that the rousing rendition of Gaston we’ll hear in the new Beauty will also feature new lyrics.

The guys did at Disney reviewed all the transcripts and recordings, they’ve been able to go back through those hours and hours of recorded footage, and listen to lyrics that were written and never used, which are actually gems. For the audience who know the song immensely well — which I think is most people — you will hear a few new lines, which are really really special.”

The full interview also features Evans and Gad doing their take on Aladdin’s A Whole New World. Check it:

If you need just a little more fun with Gaston(s), take a minute to revisit this excellent sing-off between Evans, Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton on The Jonathan Ross Show. I promise it’ll make your day a thousand percent better.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17th.

Cindy Davis

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