Outlander Leaves Scotland for South Africa, and Season 3 Gets a Faraway Premiere Date

Even on a cold, dreary day, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are adorable as can be. All costumed up, they’ve finished filming Outlander‘s highly anticipated third season … in Scotland, that is.

Unfortunately for us, filming will go on quite a bit longer — until June — but fortunately for Sam and Caitriona, Claire and Jamie’s adventures continue on the shores of:

Can you blame the pair for being excited over beaches, sharks, rugby and most of all …

Of course, for us this means even further delay than we thought; as announced by Starz, Outlander won’t return until September.


Honestly though, I’m okay with this. As grand a production as it is, I’d rather see Outlander come back in the fall in tip top shape. Clearly, Starz is fully invested — as are fans — in giving us the best possible production, filming in gorgeous locations. Pairing Ron Moore’s vision with Diana Gabaldon’s stories has made for one of our television favorite series, and we’ll be seeing all the Voyager happenings filmed across amazing and different parts of the world. I cannot wait to see more of the majestic ships and settings, and well …

I know, I know; I’m so ashamed.


Anyhow, here’s the full announcement, and video of Caitriona and Sam saying goodbye to Scotland and thanking their host country and the Outlander crew.


Outlander Season 3 adds David Berry (Lord John Grey), Wil Johnson (Joe Abernathy), John Bell (young Ian), César Domboy (adult Fergus), Gary Young (Mr. Willoughby), Charlie Hiett (Captain Thomas Leonard), and we’ve been assured we’ll see Tobias Menzies again.

Cindy Davis

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