Ryan Murphy Throws Out His Truly Nightmarish American Horror Story Season 7 Plan

Over the past several years, Ryan Murphy’s anthological series, American Horror Story has morphed and veered from true horror to silly, campy nonsense, but it looks like Season 7 will head back to its roots.

Remember when you woke up November 9th, 2016 and nothing seemed right; the whole world felt turned upside-down?

Speaking with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Murphy truly took the host by surprise when he revealed his series’ next theme:

Holy, that’s going to be interesting!

I can’t begin to imagine Murphy’s slant, but for the first time in a long time, I feel genuinely curious about AHS. Wondering who exactly will show up in this election themed season?

Look, if there’s going to be a proper election horror show, there pretty much has to be a Trump in it.

Wouldn’t you even have to call it, American Horror Story: Trump? AHS:  Trumped? AHS:  Trumpmare AHS:  But What About Her Emails?

No worries, Mr. Murphy, we’ll keep working on that for you …

AHS:  From Russia with Love
AHS:  Has Anyone Seen Pence?
AHS:  Where’s Bloody Face When You Need Him?
AHS:  Twisty/Bloody Face 2020
AHS:  Off the Coast of Connecticut
AHS:  The Hunt for Red November
AHS:  From Putin with Love
AHS:  Trump’s Havin’ My Baby


Here’s the full announcement as it happened:

Cindy Davis

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