Outsiders: How We Hunt

So, brief sidebar; next weeks promos indicate Lil Foster, as I predicted, is going to be recruited to some Nazi gang in prison.

Because of course he is, because this story line is so dumb.  But hopefully it’ll work out. By which I mean he gets released and we pretend this silliness never happened.

I feel you, brother. I feel you.

This week, he is again nearly without lines as a prison doctor checks him out, jokes about the President (dude don’t … not here … let us have one place free of him). The doctor is pretty great, though, and encourages a struggling Lil Foster to remind himself he has something to live for. A person … perhaps a place? Lil Foster can’t write so the doctor gives him a pad and pencil to draw, clearing it with the guards especially.

Alone, Lil foster furiously sketches The Mountain. We don’t see much but the boy has skill.

I hope they get him out soon. Ryan Hurst is crushing these scenes but he is wasted, chained up in a box like this. Free Lil Foster!

At least whoever directs shots of him has an eye for beauty.

Meanwhile, in Frustrationville…

Wade is teetering on the edge in a worrying follow up to last week’s near relapse with the pills. Ledda is trying to organise child care for the day as her ‘meeting’ is going to run over, but a sulking Wade grumbles it doesn’t matter what he thinks of what she does, does it?

Probably more than you think, dude; I feel you. Its hard right now, but you’ll be okay.


Then, Matt the Dick has run a story in a statewide paper about Lil Foster’s arrest, including an entirely made-up quote from Wade about the peace it’ll bring the family. Eerrrmmmm, isn’t that all kinds of illegal?

Wade is furious and maintains Lil Foster is the wrong man. He tries and fails to argue Matt down, but Matt chides him about his disgrace after the failed mountain raid, and how much he ‘needs’ this arrest, tapping on Wade’s big blue cast for emphasis. So Wade, who is at most, two weeks off breaking the thing, cuts off his cast, the reminder of his disgrace, and we start to see his visible pain over the injury for the first time since he had it put on. After my notes last week that we’ve yet to see him in any discomfort, this is worrying. I mean, that prescription can probably be refilled, right? Aaaw man. Then again, maybe Wade is finally finding his right groove. If he can do this without pills, he’s the best Sheriff this town can hope for. We just need Matt to get mauled by those same wolves that got Asa. Or the Kinnah. Who may be the same thing, as we’ll see.

Honestly literally me when I have to write about Gwen

Ledda, bless her, piles on reasons for him to stress by staging a protest outside the coal companies’ offices, to Haylie’s rage. Ledda doesn’t learn Haylie fixed the insurance for her (for all the fucking good it’s done; remember, she still owes $135,000 after the insurance kicks in), until Wade turns up to break up the protest, and hauls Ledda off in cuffs. Hilariously, and because they are perfect, they fight like the siblings they are, with Ledda calling Wade a dick before they childishly tell each other ‘Shut up!’ ‘No, YOU shut up’ while I cackle like a maniac. These two.

If she dies, I riot, I swear on the Mountain.

Later, he sulks a little because she’s making a fool of him when half the town already thinks he is one, but she doesn’t want them to be in a fight. They don’t have enough time.

Hasil and Sally-Anne have it no better. Sally-Anne has followed Phelia, Spirit of the Mountain, up the hill and is led directly to Hasil. Phelia, who has now appeared to people both up and down the mountain, vanishes as soon as they are reunited and her presence, nor Sally-Anne’s journey here, is never mentioned. Curious.

Sally-Anne’s relief upon seeing him is so palpable that I need to go and lay down and cry, but he is … slightly less than relieved to see her. Waaaay less than relieved, when she breaks the news she’s pregnant. Hasil is taken aback and doesn’t have the best reaction ever, though I can give him a break because this is a big deal. But after Sally-Anne mentions getting rid of it, Hasil comes good, and goes to Gwen to ask if Sally-Anne and the Farrell she’s carrying can stay.

Gwen … says no. I’ll talk more on her later because holy SHIT, does she piss me the hell off this week. She mentions their lack of food and supplies (now you care?) and tells Hasil Sally-Anne has to go.

Hasil doesn’t tell Sally-Anne this, instead skipping out yet another huge Farrell party (so much for not having enough food to spare, Gwen) to chill with her. Sally-Anne is in a peaceful state we’ve never seen before, so if your heart wasn’t already broken, it fucking is now.

The next morning they leave at dawn, in secret, with Hasil dodging having to say goodbye to anyone-presumably because he wasn’t expecting to.

Only when they get down the mountain, Sally-Anne calls him with her. Standing before a ‘Dead End’ sign that leads back up the hill, Hasil makes a decision. He walks into town with her, heading off to find Butch, last year’s hilariously inept drug dealer who sold psychogenic Farrell wine to a local kid, who as a direct result, hallucinated his father was a demon, and butchered the man. (Remember that? Not sure the show does, despite an entire run of episodes about the dangerous effects the wine has on non-Farrells).

Nice work, Gwen, great leadership there. You silly, foolish girl.

Speaking of my least favourite person on TV right now:

She calls Circle to announce the old Big Foster is dead, and the new one is different. She then hilariously, hurriedly delivers her verdict; he can stay. The crowd goes willllddddd with frustration as Craic, amongst others, leaps up to list Big Foster’s sins, which include having had Craic and others on their knees to be executed. Shurn, who was also nearly executed in Big Fos’s aborted coup, also voices her anger. She’s the mother of the Farrell who Wade ran over in his car, who was only down the mountain following Big Foster.

I love that she and Ledda, who are so similar in so many ways, who have both lost so much to Big Foster, don’t blame the actual killers, but the circumstances and individuals who places their loved ones in danger. I want these two to meet and start a support group.

Gwen yelps down their protests, demanding respect; I’m sure I’ve told you before that shit is earned, girl. Do something.

Morgan … fucking Morgan, slithers up to hiss about respecting Bren’in, and blah; shut up, woman.

Pictured; An irrational maniac

Big Foster approaches Gwen later to quietly remind Gwen they’re still technically married, but also, mostly ask for permission to go and find Lil Foster who is now days missing.

Gwen sets about giving me goddamned whiplash by pointing out he never cared before, why does he now?!

…. Woman … you … you literally just told a room full of people he’s a changed man! You just did it, seconds ago! You claimed it’s why he can stay there, against the majority interests of the clan! Are you fucking crazy?! What the living hell are you talking about?

It’s one (dumb) thing for Emily, last week, to downplay her concerns over the Kinnah because she is NOT out there telling everyone to trust Big Foster when she, herself doesn’t. Gwen, though … Gwen is just a moron.

She demands he stay to help with their Autumn hunt, because apparently the news has finally sunken in how low their food supplies are, and the danger they face. Rather than suggest they send the Kinnah away, Big Foster acquiesces and retrieves some of their guns and weapons to go hunting.

I mean, fuck Lil Foster, I guess? Damn, woman.

Morgan ssssssssslithers up to criticise their use of guns in the hunt, praising the Kinnahs gunless approach, wittering on about how guns dishonour the meat.

‘This bitch?’

Stop. Just stop. Jesus, GOD someone kill her.

Big Foster wins my heart forever by telling her not to fucking well eat the meat then, and asks how she can claim to be such a badass hunter when her folk turned up starving, skinny and with begging hands outreached. We see glimmers behind his eyes of the old Big Foster, the hate and distrust, but it’s earned, this time. Chase her off, Big Fos. I believe in you.

Morgan is … smug. Because, it’s all she can be.

The clan bless the hunt, throw yet another of those resource wasting parties they love so much. (Guys … conservation … guys?  No? okay)

Big Foster leads his men on a hunt and the boys do pretty well. Big Fos’ rifle misfires at a bad moment, but he still takes down a gigantic, beautiful stag with a crossbow, praying over the body out of respect.

Craic and Gwen are pleased with the haul and Craic seems confident that with some careful rationing they’ll ride out the winter. Which is when Morgan and the Kinnah come back with an entire cart full of animals, what must be the entire area’s animal supply … in the now fenced-off area where no more animals can get to.


Also, this sure does undermine the Kinnah’s claims about how desperate they are when they did this with, I guess, sticks and stone knives? I get the feeling the Kinnah destroyed their own lands and aren’t as smart as they claim.

There’s some smug posturing, and for no reason, people slam Big Foster over Morgan outhunting him. For a people who claim to know how to live off the land, they’re very okay with aaaaaaaall the wild hunting stock getting killed in one go. You parse that out, guys.

I start to wonder if Gwen might at least reconsider letting Sally-Anne stay, when it turns out it’s all moot anyway, because while the meat is being hung to be smoked and preserved, someone (pssst, MORGAAAAAAAAAAAAN) burns down the smoke shack, with the smoker Farrell trapped inside. He’s killed, and all their meat is destroyed and runs into town are no longer an option. Barnabas, the husky Farrell who nearly lost an ATV to the impossible fence, tried to go steal some beers, and was chased off by the armed guards every store now employs.  Everyone blames Big Foster, claiming he was jealous of the Kinnah …. he’s not THAT stupid, you guys.

You know, when you think about it the Farrells are creating jobs … in a roundabout kind of way.

Big Foster, whose hunt was smart and reserved, points out they just hunted their lands bare (thanks, MORGAN), while Morgan promises they’ll find more meat.

And boy, does she.

In the most resounding evidence yet the Kinnah killed Asa, and perhaps a glimpse at their approach to pregnancy, two beautiful Kinnah women approach two Losties guarding the impossible fence. (See? Job creation!)

They strip nude, and these thiiiiirsty and apparently utterly desperate men just dive straight in for some wild forest loving. How are the Kinnah women keeping their badass undercuts shaved so close with stone knives? I can barely shave one leg with my Venus.

While the men are getting pleasured, other Kinnah, led by Morgan, approach and slaughter them. For meat, I guess, as they drag the bodies away. Sure, cannabilism. The way to go.

OhmyfuckingGod, did they EAT ASA?!


They smear the blood on their faces in the same way they did when we first saw them, after Asa’s death … which now looks more and more like a murder.

Yeah, that’ll keep the Losties off their back.

I must say, despite my anger over Asa’s death, the Kinnah are creating a really solid story for why he had to go. They are scheming and evil, and Asa would have seen all the way through them had he remained around. They didn’t bank on Big Foster, so hopefully he’ll fill his sons shoes and keep a suspicious eye on the women. Gwen, though … Gwen is definitely turning out to be the bad Bren’in from Lady Ray’s prophecy. Her blindness to Morgan’s obvious plotting wore thin the first time I saw it, but by this point, it’s like she’s had a damned brain injury.

I need something to happen soon, to make her suspicious of the Kinnah. I need Lil Foster home. Now.

Nadine Morgan

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