Supergirl Review: Love Ushers in the Return of Fun

Supergirl, Season 2, Episode 13, “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk”

After a handful episodes where Supergirl took itself way too seriously, it was back to business as usual in this belated Valentine’s Day episode.

The show spared no special effects expense for this episode; some looked great (Kara’s bullet time catch and Mxyzy’s “magic”) and some looked cheesy (the statue fight in the Fortress of Solitude), but most importantly it was fun and it played against the backdrop of love that one would expect from a CW series onValentine’s Day.

In a continuation of the mini-cliffhanger from last week, Mr. Mxyzptlk, a trickster imp from the fifth dimension, interrupts Kara and Mon-El’s make-out moment. He has almost magical powers in our realm, and can make flowers, string quartets and designer wedding dresses appear with the snap of his fingers – much to the dismay of Mon-El, who is both angered and jealous by the trickster’s presence.

The trickster’s presence brings out the worst dudebro tendencies in Mon-El, who would just prefer to throw the imp into a wood chipper and be done with it, but of course Kara wants to solve the problem in a more logical and less murder-y way, which threatens to tear the budding couple apart.

Kara isn’t the only character dealing with relationship tensions. Maggie and Alex are having another one of those “something minor goes wrong, one immediately threatens to end the relationship, a grand romantic gesture is made and they end up kissing” moments that have become a weekly occurrence at this point.

This time it’s because of a misunderstanding over Valentine’s Day. Maggie says she doesn’t like it. Alex doesn’t know if it’s a mixed signals thing and she really wants a real Valentine’s Day for herself. As it turns out, Maggie was outed and disowned by her family on Valentine’s Day when she was 14 (a fact she never bothered to tell Alex). Just as Maggie is about to bail, Alex stands up for herself and throws Maggie’s own words from a previous fight right back at her. Of course things are eventually smoothed over. Maggie decides to like Valentine’s as long as it is with Alex ,and backs it up at some crazy quasi-prom Maggie throws together in an afternoon (remember when Maggie used to be a cop? Me neither.)

Winn also gets in on the act. When a couple of aliens bully Winn at the hangout bar, an alien woman named Lyra (who happens to be from the planet at the top of Winn’s bucket list) strolls in, takes care of business, and pretty much demands a date in return. Winn is all too willing to comply, sexy fun is had and much to the shock of Lyra, Winn comes back for a relationship because he is not a dirty dog.

Mon-El finds himself deep in Kara’s doghouse after he falls back into his habit of not listening, and treating Kara like a damsel– for which he gets the full riot act read to him. This was an important moment for Kara’s character because no matter how much she wants to have this relationship, Kara refuses to be treated any less than she deserves and also refuses to sacrifice her principles for love.

After Kara learns Mxyzptlk’s weakness (saying his name backwards), and she sets a plan into motion to trick the trickster. Unfortunately, it also means she has to also trick her lunk of a love interest, who gets lured into a Hamilton themed battle in a theater before Kara intervenes.

Kara sets up a “wedding” in the Fortress of Solitude, but double-crosses the imp by starting what could be the third nuclear meltdown in as many weeks. In an effort to save both their skins, Mxyzptlk asks for the deactivation code and Kara points it out on the Kryptonian keyboard, and Mxyzptlk punches it in. Of course the code is “Kltpzyxm” which works just as good and Mxyzptlk is gone on the glittery cloud he rode in on.

That leaves Kara and Mon-El to say their apologies, make up and kiss (just like Maggie and Alex, just like Winn and Lyra).

Without a doubt this was the best episode since the series came back from midseason break. The trickster imp kept things lively against the backdrop of the main characters finding love in all of its crazy ways, which led directly to Supergirl finding its fun again.

Craig Wack

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