The Flash Review: We’ve Got Trouble Right Here in Gorilla City

The Flash, Season 3, Episode 13, “Attack on Gorilla City”

While people do get sucked in to the romance and time travel shenanigans on The Flash, it is refreshing during the rare times of the year when the series settles in for some pure adventure, and true to longstanding comic book tradition, everything is better with monkeys.

Nothing says adventure like traveling to an alternate Earth to rescue a beloved character from a city populated by race of highly evolved, telepathic gorillas, so Team Flash (including Julian going khaki on tan on taupe in his Indiana Jones-ish bush outfit) vibe their way to an adventure that they hope will change the future enough to save Iris from her doom.

Grodd makes his return. Since getting dumped in Gorilla City, has worked his way into being the chief rival of Solovar, the city leader who fears the humans are on the verge of invasion. Grodd lures Earth 2’s Harrison Wells to the city to serve as bait and bring Team Flash into the picture.

The team is captured and spends most of the episode in cages under the Gorilla City gladiator colosseum. The humans are scheduled to be executed by combat in the arena, against Solovar. Grodd’s plan is to have Barry win, kill Solovar, and give Grodd the throne so he can command the gorilla army in an attack on Central City.

Barry does win, but in a show of mercy and gesture of no ill will toward gorilla-kind, Solovar is spared. With the help of Caitlin’s freeze powers, the team is able to slip their cages and make their escape.

Over in B-plot land, the Wally-Jesse relationship was just super weird. Wally acts smitten with Jesse, despite making no contact with her for months and literally hitting on Joe’s girlfriend’s daughter the very same afternoon (previous episode, but still same day). Jesse is freaked out by the fact that her dad is missing and that Wally has powers, loves being a hero, and is suddenly all lovey-dovey. There was a lot of Wally-Jesse destiny talk from everybody that just didn’t ring true, considering Wally hasn’t so much as thought of Jesse until she popped through the portal last episode.

Tom Cavanaugh deserves a tip of the teeny fedora for his triple-threat work as E-2 Wells, HR and as Grodd’s communications avatar.

Barry’s plan to show mercy backfires — gorillas are going to be gorillas — as Grodd assumes leadership of GC once Solovar was exposed as weak. Grodd raises an army, and procures the services of Gypsy to create a bridge across the dimensions for an attack, in the second part of the gorilla city event.

The love stuff with Wally notwithstanding, this was a solid episode of The Flash that packed adventure, good effects, some humor and character interaction into an easily digestible form.

Craig Wack

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