2017 Oscars Liveblog — Live Now!

It doesn’t matter if you watch for the fashion, the speeches or interpretive dance saluting Best Boy Grips, Oscar night has a little something for every fan of movies. Tonight our very own Craig Wack will put down his comic books long enough to watch tonight’s ceremony, crack some jokes and make some pointed observations — for science!

This year should be an interesting one to watch the telecast. Host Jimmy Kimmel is going to have to keep things lively with the potential of a La La Land (14 nominations and a “magic of showbiz” subject that is traditionally catnip for Academy voters) rout in the making. If the Golden Globes were any indication, this edition of the Oscars will get political given that the current administration appears to oppose all of the ideals that the Academy embraces. So we’ll put a clock on when the “Trump” is brought up either through direct mention or impersonator. I’m guessing it will be withing the first two minutes of the cold open.

So join me at around 8 p.m. EST to kick off the liveblog of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Craig Wack

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