Jon Stewart Pops By The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to Deliver the Media an Important Message

If this doesn’t absolutely make your day, I can’t think of a thing that will.

Jon Stewart popped up (literally)

on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat about a few things that have been bothering him.

Of course, Colbert welcomed (as do we) Stewart’s return; there’s always a place for him at the table.

Once Stewart gets rolling, there’s no stopping him, and everything he has to say is pure gold — especially his descriptions of a certain sometime White House resident lying liar who lies. On the press being surprised to hear some of the things Trump makes up …

… so, Stewart has advice for the media: Think of Trump as an ex, and we need to (non-violently) get rid of him, post-haste.

Let’s hope (and secretly cast a voodoo spell or something?) these impromptu visits become a regular thing. Now, sit back, get some tissue to dab your tears of laughter, and ENJOY.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ‚Äčover ten years, and is the ‚ÄčEditor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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