The Flash Review: Gorillas in the Midst

The Flash, Season 3, Episode 14, “Attack on Central City”

For those expecting a climatic end to the two part Gorilla Grodd arc, congratulations, you got a two-weeks tardy Valentine’s Day episode instead.

While the threat of the army’s invasion was a threat throughout the episode, guerilla gorillas sure took their sweet time launching their attack, giving Team Flash plenty of time to flirt and/or talk about their feelings.

At the core of the episode was Barry feeling the pressure of trying to change the future in order to save Iris. His desperation reaches the point where he thinks that flat out killing Grodd would change the future enough to save Iris. In turn, Iris, Joe and Harry do their best to talk Barry off the ledge. Harry says to find another way, which is Barry’s greatest skill.

That other way involves Gypsy, who unwillingly opened the breach that brought the gorilla army to Earth 1 to begin with. She doesn’t really want to get involved, but opens the door for Cisco to use awkward pickup lines in an effort to convince her to join the team.

After a wild goose chase involving a nuclear weapon, Barry’s plan falls into place and fans are treated to a gorilla vs. speedster battle that lasts all of about a minute before Cisco and Gypsy open up a breach that fallen Gorilla City leader Solovar bursts through. A gorilla vs. gorilla battles ensues on the Central City rooftops, and Solovar is the eventual winner. Barry stops Grodd from being killed and promises to keep Grodd away from Earth 2 from now on.

Much of the rest of the episode involved the orbit of Wally and Jesse, whose whirlwind romance is picking up momentum as she’s ready to abandon her current plane of existence to shack up with a dude she barely knows. For some reason, in this episode the writers decided to reset the clock on HR, making him a no-talent doofus again instead of the “genius in his own way” that they’d gone to great lengths to establish over the course of this season.

Following what I suspect is a CW Valentine’s formula (since Supergirl did much the same with their VD episode), there’s so much kissing that even Cisco got a little action.

What left everyone buzzing, of course, was Barry spending a year’s worth of crime tech’s salary on candles and flowers to decorate his apartment so he could pop the question to Iris.

It’s not hard to think that this two-part “Gorilla City” arc was a bit of a letdown. After spending several talky episodes leading up to the mini-event, there was an expectation that The Flash would break the bank and bring the action for these two episodes. However, while there were more effects than normal, the promise of ape-fueled high adventure went largely unfulfilled. Instead, it was more of the same team angst and exposition, only this time punctuated by the occasional CGI gorilla in shoulder pads.

Craig Wack

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