Bryan Fuller Is Our Own Delightful American God

I know, I know; he’d not love being called a god, but who can help worshipping a guy like him? Any interview I’ve ever read — any paragraph, even — only makes me love him more. Every once in a while, we faithful Hannibal fans go hunting for sign of life in the news; today that search brought up a new Rotten Tomatoes interview with Fuller and his American Gods co-creator/writer/showrunner, Michael Green. Along with a few choice details about their new series, the pair also discussed Star Trek:  Discover (which he refused to spoil) and Hannibal. Highlights follow, but I recommend you read the entire piece.

Fuller on how they handled Gillian Anderson’s “Media”, who’s supposed to look like Lucille Ball (as indicated by Neil Gaiman in his novel):

 We don’t use it in any advertising … She was dressed as Lucy and looked like Lucy and the set looked like their living room. She even said the last line that she says in the scene with a wink. It all kind of went down in a way that we felt on stage that a puzzle piece was snapping into place.”

We love how he’s always quick to give his actors credit, both for inspiration and their performances. On whether Yetide Badaki’s Bilquis would and could be depicted as she is in the book, and what visual effects would be necessary:

I think you have to back up [on going to visual effects]: How do you go to an actor for that? Finding an actor who could give that scene a dignity and a power that eclipsed the sort of baser sexual elements of it and made it the elegant piece that it was in the novel. I don’t think we would have pulled it off if it weren’t Yetide Badaki. That scene was Yetide’s audition scene, and it’s the strangest audition that I’ve ever sat in.

On adapting Technical Boy from a large, basement-dwelling kind of guy into a thin, mod looking Bruce Langley:

It felt like there was an evolution of the technical savvy individual that was portrayed in the novel, which was written 15 years ago. The book sort of describes the quintessential overweight hacker that Donald Trump was shielding the Russians with. Now technology is much more socialized than it was 15 years ago. We see the integration of technology and all these other industries, particularly fashion. So we felt like it’d be an interesting evolution of the character if he was as fashion forward as he was tech savvy.”

Green:  “Which means that you’re constantly chasing something new and reinventing yourself. Technology and being tech savvy now has a swagger that it didn’t have 15 years ago.

Asked if TV is an “evil god”, and variations on that theme:

Well, it depends on how you define evil. I think we’ve got some new parameters in how evil is defined these days, in this particular political climate. It is a lesser evil certainly than the evil swirling about the world today … Scripted TV is a lesser. Reality TV is the black tar of Satan.”

Fuller on his Hannibal persistence, and like ourselves, an endless love of Mads and Hugh:

The most creatively satisfying experience I’ve had thus far working with actors were with Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy on Hannibal. Both of those actors were so insightful with their characters and so helpful to me and helping me understand those characters. I would love to continue writing for those two gentlemen forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And ever.”

Heck, there’s even a plan if attempts to secure the rights to Clarice and The Silence of the Lambs arc are fruitless, and this August (2 years after the series’ last airing) is when Fuller is able to start investigating options for continuing Hannibal:

There is a fourth season that had nothing to do with Silence of the Lambs.”

Do go read the whole interview.

American Gods also stars Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Emily Browning, Peter Stormare, Crispin Glover, Jonathan Tucker, Mousa Kraish, Cloris Leachman, and Pablo Schreiber; it premieres April 30th on Starz. We anxiously await more Hannibal news.

Cindy Davis

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