Ewan McGregor Was Not Kidding About Shaving His Head for Fargo; Here’s the First Glorious Season 3 Promo

Remember the TCA panel back in January when we first spied naked-headed (albeit, behatted) Ewan McGregor? Well, that was nothing — he still looked darned good. There were accounts of the footage attendees saw, of McGregor’s appearance as handsome Emmit Stussy and his pot-bellied twin, Ray (reportedly, fake names) and finally, now we get to see the footage, too. I’ll delay no longer; behold McGregor as Ray with Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Nikki Swango, and Carrie Coon’s Sheriff Gloria Burgle:

Predictably short, and leaving us sweetly anticipating (more than ketchup!), we’re thankful as can be to catch even the slightest Season 3 glimpse. Not that there was any doubt in our minds that Ewan would nail playing two completely different looking brothers, but even in such a state, he looks good.

Our own Nadine is wondering if the diner here is meant to be the same as the one we saw in Fargo’s second season — site of that crazy murder scene — and Season 3 does take place in Minnesota (Lou Solverson’s jurisdiction), so I suppose it’s possible the place got a refresh after all the necessary clean-up.

I can’t wait until we get to see “Emmit”, and a proper Fargo Season 3 trailer.

Fargo also stars David Thewlis, Jim GaffiganMichael StuhlbargScoot McNairy, Shea Whigham and Karan Soni; it returns to FX April 19th.

Cindy Davis

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