Amy Adams Scores a Pretty Perfect Mother for HBO’s Sharp Objects Adaptation

It’s International Women’s Day, so let’s celebrate — with news of casting a series about disturbed and destroyed women!

Seriously, though, have you read Gillian Flynn’s disturbing debut, Sharp Objects? I kind of wanted to take a ba … er, shower after I finished. It’s dark, it’ll get inside your head, and it will freak you out. I’m not sure I’d ever have thought of casting Amy Adams as Camille Preaker, but on further reflection, Adams can read very fragile — I’ll be curious to see how she does with all the bloody stuff. Actually, I’ll be curious to see how I do with all the bloody stuff. That said, HBO just found the perfect Adora (Camille’s high society and quite odd mother):

I have absolutely no problem at all seeing Clarkson — who’s like a next generation Grace Zabriskie (with less screeching) in this particular role; it’s no spoiler to say she’s odd, cold and manipulative, and her addition to the cast has me quite excited.

The pivotal roles of Detective Richard Willis (how about Colin Farrell?) and Camille’s half-sister, Amma are as yet uncast.

The eight-part HBO series will be directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Big Little Lies, Black List, Dallas Buyers Club, Wild), adapted by Marti Noxon (UnREAL, Private Practice) and Gillian Flynn will executive produce.

Cindy Davis

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