The Last Jedi Speak(s): If Luke Skywalker’s First Words to Rey Are *Spoiler*, Does She Reply *Spoiler*?

***Spoiler Warning:  Minor Spoilers for Star Wars:  The Last Jedi follow! Spoilers***

Yesterday, the interwebs went crazy over LA Times reporter Daniel Miller‘s tweets, in which he revealed tiny tidbits from The Last Jedi, seen in “seconds of” footage shown to Disney Shareholders.

As you can see, Luke’s first words to Rey after she (in TFA) attempts to hand him his lightsaber …

… are, “Who are you?” Of course, for those of us with particular theories, this begs the question:  How could Luke not recognize his own child? Is it possible he wouldn’t know her? Absolutely; if the last time he saw Rey was when she was a little nipper and he’s all zoned out from being an Island Jedi Monk (IJM), he may have a moment of cluelessness. Then again, perhaps he never knew Rey’s mother (please HayleyAtwell please) was pregnant. Even in a Star War, these things happen. But, since this is a Star Wars movie, there’s one thing Rey could say, one thing some of us would love her to say, and one thing that would be the perfect interjection, here. Rey should simply respond,

I am your daughter”.

C’mon, you know it’d be perfect!

As for how Rey might suddenly know her truth, remember the visions she had at Maz Kanata’s place?

Who’s to say she couldn’t have another flash and suddenly realize she’s standing right in front of her daddy?


That’s my prediction, and I’m sticking to it.

Star Wars:  The Last Jedi premieres this December, and hopefully we’ll see a full trailer next month. Until then, may the force be with you.

Cindy Davis

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