Alien: Covenant‘s Walter Goes Westworld: Who Rebuilt Prometheus‘ David?

Guys, this is Creepy with a capital CREEP.

Wanna know what’s scarier than that familiar looking Alien:  Covenant trailer full of xenomorph, released a week or so ago?


and this:

Um …




So, these are new Covenant teasers in which Prometheus‘ David is reborn as Walter, but the real question is, WHO ARE THOSE BEINGS IN THE MASKS? And, what have exactly have they created in Walter, because he’s clearly even more untrustworthy than he was in Prometheus, and he was pretty damned sketchy back then.

Furthermore, who are his almost-certainly-android friends sitting around the table?

Further-futhermore, how did those masked beings get hold of a Westworld Host-controller?

Finally, what is Walter drinking? Did they turn that black goo clear?

“How dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge”? How dangerous are Walter’s presets, is more like it. I don’t really have to answer that, do I? Just start screaming, now (no one can hear you).

In case you were wondering, that’s Melanie De Biasio hauntingly singing I Feel You.

Alien:  Covenant hits theaters May 19th.


Cindy Davis

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