If You Thought Balding Ewan McGregor Was a Hoot, Wait’ll You See His Fargo Perm, Plus Another Quick Tease

As you can see by the front page photo, Ewan McGregor has been rocking the fork out of his balding Fargo look (well, half of his look), donning snappy fedoras and other nifty headgear. Paired with those baby blues, we were pretty much fine with the temporary hair loss he’s (we’re) suffering to play two roles in the FX series’ third season. As you can also see by the header photo above, to play the slightly frumpish Ray Stussey*, McGregor isn’t entirely bald, but those are probably just hairpieces. (As Ewan said, it’s easier for him to go completely bald, then have tresses added for each character). A couple of weeks ago, we got the first good peek at McGregor in character as Ray, and the first little teaser, but we weren’t at all prepared for what Ray’s “handsome” twin brother, Emmit* would look like,

because brother number two has (insert groan here) a goddamned perm:

Holy, young James Caan, or maybe Greg Brady! I think I might actually prefer balding Ewan — and you?

Meanwhile, here’s another unbearably short tease:

I’m just going to go ahead and address the proverbial elephant in the cop car:  Carrie Coon’s accent is awful. But, we’ll get past it, because this is Fargo, and this is Noah Hawley and Ewan McGregor and David Thewlis and …

We can deal with a bad accent or two, right? (To be fair, Ewan almost sounds like he has no accent at all.)

Here are a few more character photos:

(Photos via FX)

I can’t wait to see the full trailer.

Fargo premieres on FX April 19th.

*Ray and Emmit Stussey are reportedly not the real character names.

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