Supergirl Review: Mon-El’s Big Lie Revealed

Supergirl, Season 2, Episode 16, “Star-Crossed”

It might be the rigors of the impending musical crossover, but there were some baffling decisions made for the latest episode of Supergirl. Melissa Benoist practicing her singing might explain why the show decided to bring Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo on, only to relegate them to the B-plot in an episode that focused on Winn and his shady alien girlfriend, but it does seem to be a waste of good guest stars.

The episode contrasted the reactions Kara and Winn had when they discovered shockingly upsetting secrets about their significant others. Winn found out his girlfriend, Lyra, is a con artist who played him in order to steal a Van Gogh painting. Kara found out that Mon-El is a member of the Daxam royal family rather than a formerly oppressed member of the working class of that planet.

Despite getting dragged before the police, Winn never gives up on his girl, even though she’s told him huge lies and he has no reason to believe a word she says. Winn delves deeper with her, eventually discovering that she is running cons and stealing this art in order save the life of her brother, who has run afoul of the crime boss she’s working for.

Kara spends the episode in a slowly simmering rage. For all of her goody-goody qualities, her inborn Kryptonian disdain for all things Daxam has been a character blind spot that that’s been tough for her to get beyond. She and Mon-El (like most of the paired characters on this show) have been doing this break-up/make-up dance every time their relationship hit even the slightest bump.

Despite Mon-El telling Kara all along that being with her and being a hero with her has changed his life completely, the sin of omission about his royal lineage is the final straw with her. It’s one thing to be a servant within a corrupt system, and another to be a part of it and lie to her about it.

The two stories intersect when the Winn part of the story is wrapped up, and Winn and Kara meet in the halls of the DEO and talk about their different perspectives. Despite all the lies and almost going to jail, Winn still believes in Lyra, since her heart was in the right place because everything she did was to help her brother.

It appears Kara takes Winn’s view, and seems willing to forgive Mon-El when they meet back at Kara’s apartment. But, that door is quickly shut when Mon-El confesses that he’s not sure if he would have ever told Kara the truth about his background, had his hand not been forced by his parents showing up in low Earth orbit in a giant space cruiser. Lies make Kara cry, and Mon-El is shown the door.

The episode closes with Winn digging up Cisco’s inter-dimensional travel gizmo just in time for an awkward prisoner transfer. Wouldn’t you know it, this prisoner, the Music Meister, was caught on purpose so he could steal the gizmo and go after The Flash. Before he goes, the Meister puts Kara in a trance where she finds herself in a sepia-toned world, dressed to the nines, and ON STAGE RIGHT NOW!!!

This has the feel of a writer’s room making do with a bad situation. Here’s hoping now that Mon-El has decided to spurn his royal birthright in favor of proving his nobility to Kara, that we will eventually see a return of Hatcher and Sorbo, because even as fan service their few scenes felt lacking. (Why bother attempting Lois and Clark fan service if you don’t even try to put Hatcher and Dean Cain in the same scene?). This seems like it was a minor, though still entertaining, series hiccup.

Craig Wack

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