Why Don’t You Start from the Beginning? All the Hawley Goodness You Can Handle Is in Fargo, Season 3

Following yesterday’s big Ewan-Got-a-Perm reveal, I lamented having to wait for the full Fargo Season 3 trailer. Well, what do you know; Hawley and Co. must’ve been listening.

Okay, okay, so they weren’t listening. But, look! Here it is! And, considering Ewan’s native accent, his take on the Minnesota thing isn’t bad. (Still giving Carrie Coon the side-eye …)

Again, this is the general outline of the violently goofy madness we’re about to approach;

Emmit Stussy is the Parking Lot King of Minnesota. A handsome, self-made, real estate mogul and family man, Emmit sees himself as an American success story. His slightly younger brother, Ray Stussy, on the other hand is more of a cautionary tale. Balding, pot-bellied, Ray is the kind of guy who peaked in high school. Now a parole officer, Ray has a huge chip on his shoulder about the hand he’s been dealt, and he blames his brother, Emmit, for his misfortunes.”

the names may be changed, but the McGregors remain the same.

Meet me at FX on April 19th.

Cindy Davis

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