In Love, In Fear, In Hate: Game of Thrones Teases the Final Battle for the Iron Throne

There aren’t a lot of people in this new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer, and that’s not just because George R. R. Martin loves killing off his characters. If things go the way they seem to be headed, there are but a few names left on the Iron Throne short list and personally, I wouldn’t have thought Cersei Lannister had a shot. So, either this is a Benioff/Weiss misdirect, or it’s spot on … (surprise!) or, we’re playing Which of These Three Still Has a Chance? (in which case I choose Daenerys).  More likely, we’re playing Who Will Kick Cersei Off That Throne?

That’s James’ Sit Down, for the record.

Cersei will most certainly die — not a spoiler, rather a well-known prophecy.

Jon will most certainly “die” or head out into the cold darkness forever — he’s already dead and seems more set up for a guardian role.

Daenerys … Daenerys is another story altogether. She belongs on that throne (Dragonstone?). Those are my predictions, and I’m sticking with them.

I am curious about the Night King’s eye at the end — the threat constantly forgotten, even though Jon’s been warning about the King and the White Walkers’ return since he was Lord Commander. “He brings the storm”.

May the Dragonglass (and Longclaw!) be with you.


See you on HBO, July 16th.

Cindy Davis

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