Does a New Alien: Covenant Instagram Video Confirm Dr. Elizabeth Shaw’s Gruesome Fate?

Right up front, I’ll admit it; yes, I am obsessed with Alien:  Covenant. I feel zero shame. Yes, I look every day for news and teasers and clearly, Ridley wants us all to play detective, because every day there ARE new teasers and/or some kind of news. As well, there are many other detectives just as hungry as me, and I know you’ll be tickled by the sneaky reveal hidden away on an Instagram account called Take Me Home — actually, “emoh_em_ekat” — which boasts only a single video, discovered soon after the release of this 20th Century Fox TV spot that contained only a flash and a hashtag clue leading to the secret video.


Here’s the addition tease:


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Of course, the Instagram video is on a quick loop, making it difficult to parse individual scenes, so I’ve giffed out and screencapped some of the important stuff.

Who is this? A dying Engineer? An alien?

Or, could it possibly be David or Walter investigating a dead body?

The Covenant crew investigates a cave-like area.

Hanging tendrils in this universe always trouble me.

They come upon a group of Engineer suits, which would seem to indicate that David and Elizabeth did indeed manage to follow that Prometheus Engineer to the planet the Covenant crew has either been called to (likely David’s signal), or simply discovered.

Daniels finds Elizabeth Shaw’s ID tags hanging from something overhead, and may I remind you that dripping liquid in the Alienscape is never a good thing.

The crew members somehow activate one of those Engineer holograms like David did in Prometheus. Is that Walter (aka David 2.0) taking a backward step?

These shots of the holograms make it look more like the crew is inside the ship.

If you squint just right, you can see Noomi Rapace’s face; she seems to be sitting in the Juggernaut (Engineer ship she and David left in at the end of Prometheus) control seat. She’s also humming along to John Denver’s Take Me Home during the teaser.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on here; is Elizabeth relating the story of what happened when she and David arrived on this planet, or are we seeing bits of what David did to her?

I am the Egg Room (whooooo!), I am the Egg Room (wheeee!), I am the facehugger (goo, goo, g’ joob) …

As revealed in Spoileriffic clips at SXSW, David brings Christopher Oram (Billy Crudup) to his facehugger destiny, telling Oram it’s “perfectly safe”, that the eggs are just “waiting for mother“. Putting together Rapace’s limited shooting schedule and now, Daniels and the Covenant crew’s gruesome discovery — Shaw’s ID tags hanging in an area full of eggs,

and nothing but horror on their faces as they watch the hologram of what appears to be Shaw going through some terrifying experience, I can only draw one conclusion — the same as I’ve been thinking for a while, now.

The “Mother” David refers to is the result of his experimentation — “I’ve become something of an amateur zoologist” — at least part of which used to be Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. Either he infected her, or she became victim to some version of the alien/goo, and the resulting “Queen” is “Mother” — could she be the same alien Ripley meets in the original film? Remember, Ridley recently said that Shaw returns for Covenant, “not fully, but in a way. She was integral to what David carried out later“.

If this is how Ridley circles us right back to the beginning, let me be the first to …

wow, just wow. Never mind Covenant, give me my Awakening ticket right now, please.

We’ll learn the truth of what David did May 19th.

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