Iain Glen Jokes About Why He’s Better Looking Than George R. R. Martin’s Ser Jorah, Confirms His Game of Thrones Status

Aside from that very short recent tease, we’ve not had a lot of character-related news about Game of Thrones‘ Season 7. We know it’ll be shorter and later than ever before and frankly, I don’t have high hopes for a lot of forward story movement — knowing tptb, they’ll leave us hanging until the final, 8th Season before revealing The Big Stuff (who survives until the end, who’ll end up on the Iron Throne, whether Cersei’s prophesied death happens and by which brother’s hand …).

At least it seems as if one character lives through what comes our way this July (16th), and we’re especially thankful because he’s a longtime favorite. Though Iain Glen knows in Thronesland, no one is truly safe, he says that for now, Ser Jorah is alive and kicking.

There’s quite a high death count in Game Of Thrones and they don’t blanch at removing favourite characters. They just get rid of them in a brutal way. My end may well be close but so far I’m doing OK.”

Considering his comments were published only a few days ago, and Season 7 wrapped back in February, I’m taking this to mean Jorah makes it to the series’ last season. Color us both relieved.

The busy actor who’s currently starring in three series (Thrones, Cleverman, Delicious), a telefilm (Jack Taylor), and a has a few features (Beautiful Devils, My Cousin Rachel, What About Love) on the way, spoke about taking on beloved book characters, including Ken Bruen’s detective, with New Zealand’s Stuff.

If you want to get yourself into a neurotic corner, there’s lots of reasons why you wouldn’t want to take on (such) a role but you just have to be brave and do it.”

Glen also acknowledged he looks absolutely nothing like Ser Jorah Mormont as described by George R. R. Martin, and ventured a guess as to why he got the role.

I don’t think I bear any physical resemblance whatsoever to the character that George R R Martin described in the books on which the series is based. I think he was a very dark-haired, wiry man with an ugly face – I’m not saying I don’t have an ugly face – and I think quite short and stocky. But they probably thought it would be good if you could see why (Jorah and Daenerys) might get it together. If you had an ugly stump of a man who had no chance whatsoever and was fairly repellent then it would be harder for them to tell that story.”

Yeah, that’s probably true. After all, even Tyrion was prettied up from his book self.

As far as we’ve traveled with Jorah through A Dance with Dragons (even though there’ve been slight show diversions and happenings on his route), and as wonderful as Iain Glen has played him over the years, I’m thrilled to hear he’ll be around at least until the beginning of the end. Despite a bit of troublesome greyscale, this gives us hope that Ser Jorah will indeed be by Dany’s side when she takes back the Seven Kingdoms.

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