In One Simple Sentence, Louis C.K. Succinctly Sums Up Trump to Stephen Colbert

Louis C.K. and I share a tendency you might call wonderfully terrible, one that people either love or despise. You could kindly call it being a little too honest for some people’s taste, or you could just say (and many do) it’s obnoxious. It can be obnoxious, and the truth can be ugly. But in some moments, declaring the truth can also be a thing of pure beauty.

Case in point; the comedian and star of Louie paid Stephen Colbert a visit on The Late Show last night, and he held back nothing when Colbert brought up a particular email Louis had sent to his fans, and then publicly said he regretted. As Stephen noted, “Why do you regret it? You’ve said worse things and not taken them back”. C.K. clarified, saying “I regret saying it; doesn’t mean it’s not true”.

Touché, man.

“If you went back and fixed all the mistakes you made, you erase yourself”.

Double touché!

The conversation went on, Louis clarified his thoughts on lying liars who lie, and oh, you’ll be so much happier watching than if I relate!

Utterly NSFW/K:

It’s simpler than I thought. He’s just a gross, crook, dirty, rotten, lying sack of shit.”

He also speaks about the responsibility of showing up to vote:

Voting isn’t something you do because you want to. You don’t look at it like, what do I want? How do I feel? That’s not … you say, ‘What’ll happen if I don’t?’ Or, ‘What’ll happen if I do?’ That’s called being an adult”.

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Cindy Davis

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