I Just Jerked Off; What’s Wrong with Your Face; On Top of Everything Else, I’m Fat Now: Giggle Away at Catastrophe‘s Season 3 Trailer

*So sorry for the autoplay! Can’t manage to turn Vulture’s proprietary video (eff you!) off.

Not many series start their third season like this:


Then again, Catastrophe isn’t like any other show. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are riotously funny in their depiction of a married Brit/American couple, trying to get past all the usual stuff …

… and after that surprisingly poignant Season 2 ender (I won’t spoil it), I can’t wait to see how Rob and Sharon (Norris and Morris) work their way through the hurt feelings.


We’ll laugh,

We’ll cry,

We’ll fan ourselves,

and it’ll all go by too fast.

Just meet me on Amazon April 28th. Catastrophe, Season 3 also stars Carrie Fisher, Mark Bonnar, Jonathan Forbes, Ashley Jenson, Phil Dunster and Seeta Indrani.


Cindy Davis

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