Who Does Jamie Fraser Shoot in the Outlander Season 3 Trailer?

***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilers for Outlander, including Book Spoilers through Voyager follow. Spoilers***

“I’ll find you … I promise”.

The first Season 3 teaser for Outlander‘s upcoming September return has arrived, and it’s quite short — but there are a couple of nifty Spoileriffic details for the book readers. Most of the footage alludes to Jamie and Claire Fraser’s parting at the Craigh na Dun stones, and his promise to find her again — if that’s even possible. Of course — faux Spoiler — if everyone didn’t think that was a real possibility, I suppose none of us would be watching! Have a quick look, and we’ll discuss the question at hand:  Who the hell is Jame shooting? (No, it’s not Jack Randall, and it’s not in a battle scene.)

Yeah, that was way too short (and sweet), and we’ll all watch it many times to see what we can catch besides wistful glances

and flowing hair …

Among glimpses of a smiling Brianna graduating

and her proud mother and step-father celebrating,

there’s a moment book readers will recognize — hinting at secrets you mightn’t guess. And Here comes the ***Voyager Spoilers,*** so back out now if you don’t want to know who it is Jamie shoots, or why.

In what looks like a social setting, rather than any battle scene, Jamie shoots a wigged gentleman, and is seen hugging a child.

Those two events are actually related.

In Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager, Jamie is sent by Lord John Grey (David Berry) to work on the farm of Lord Dunsany, the father of sisters Geneva and Isobel (Hannah James, Tanya Reynolds). Geneva has been promised into marriage to the elderly Earl of Ellesmere aka Ludovic Ransom (casting unannounced as yet), but just like the rest of us, Geneva would rather get into Jamie’s pants. Of course, we know Jamie loves Claire and would hardly voluntarily jump into another woman’s bed, but she finds a way to blackmail him into sleeping with her, the result of which is a bouncing baby boy, William (presumably the child Jamie is seen hugging); his mother, Geneva dies shortly after his birth. Since the Earl — Ludovic — isn’t an idiot, he realizes the child isn’t his, and threatens Lord Dunsany with killing the babe (by throwing him out a window, no less!). Jamie rushes in and kills the nasty Earl, and Geneva’s sister (Isobel) and mother raise young William.

And that’s about it for the new bits in this first peek at Outlander, Season 3. We look forward to seeing more teasers and a full-length trailer before the premiere on Starz this September.

Can’t hardly wait.

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