Tormund’s Still Working on That Date with Brienne in New Game of Thrones Season 7 Photos

Sitting around twiddling our thumbs while we wait for anything Game of Thrones or Ice and Fire related is getting to be a drag … literally! HBO will drag out the final fantasy chapter over two über-short seasons, and George R. R. Martin is apparently dragging out The Winds of Winter until — well, at this point, who knows if we’ll ever see that thing? Maybe we should just write it ourselves.

Juuuust kidding, George. Kinda.

Regardless, today HBO released several Season 7 photos and of all of them, this one’s simply the best, because now we know our pal, Tormund Giantsbane will still be hitting on Brienne, and he’ll continue providing the very necessary comic relief.

On any other dude, this might read “creepy”, but on Tormund, it works. So, to Kristofer Hivju thank you for your excellent smirking and eyebrow raises, and to Tormund for being the guy who never gives up (but also doesn’t presume to go all asshole when Brienne doesn’t respond the way he’d like — and in this setting, that’s saying something).

Meanwhile, back to the show’s usual We’re Really Not Giving You Anything New to Go On photos, featuring beloved characters like Season 6 favorite, Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey),

to all time favorites, Ser Davos (Liam Cunningham),

Dany, Tyrion, Missandei, Grey Worm, Varys (Emilia Clark, Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jacob Anderson, Conleth Hill).

Everyone’s got just the right amount of apprehension for a new season’s goings-on, don’t you think?

Speaking of Cersei, after the Season 6 finale, there’s one person I didn’t think we’d see standing beside her and yet, here he is.

Perhaps he just wants to keep close enough to fulfill that prophecy?

Moving right along, Littlefinger still has his little fingers in the middle of Sansa’s business … wait, that doesn’t sound right and, go ahead, I’ll just … er,

Sorry! Er, boring stuff — Meera’s still dragging Bran around the cold, cold tundra as it were,

Sam and Gilly are reading,

and Jon is still not all the way dead. But he will be. I think. At least he’s still forlorn, for what else would our Jon be?

On the other hand, Arya looks unusually pensive; perhaps she’s heard that somebody is miraculously still alive?

And I, for one, am quite happy to see him.

We can look forward to more fun with the gang July 16th, but lest you get too excited, Season 7 will be over and done by August 27th, and we still probably won’t have George’s new book.


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